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What people are saying

  • “Mike quickly analyzed my problem fixed it and showed me how to make my computer run smoother and faster…”

    Mark Buckley – Kansas Small Business Development Center

  • “The Kiowa County Media Center was quick, friendly, and professional. They fixed my broken microphone to like-new condition, with really reasonable prices. I will definitely go them for our organization’s technical needs in the future!”

    Joel Williamson – Youth for Christ

  • “The Kiowa County Media Center is an amazing resource to have in Greensburg and Kiowa County for technical assistance. Prior to the availability of these services, we would have to call someone from out of town for help. That would take more time and was more expensive due to paying mileage. The Media Center is quick to respond to issues we have had so that our down time is very brief.”

    Stacy Barnes – City of Greensburg

  • The trip to Kiowa County was beneficial for the Stafford Broadcasting Network (SBN) ¬†because of the fact that we learned many skills that we can apply to our daily broadcasting course. ¬†I especially enjoyed learning to use and apply Adobe Premiere in a clinical setting.

    Casey – Staffard Schools

  • Your crew really is a huge asset to this community and we look forward to working with you on more projects in the future.  

    Centera Bank