The Media Center is a non profit organization dedicated to a mission to engage, support and empower communities through quality multimedia, technology, education, and training.

Creative Director, Grant Neuhold

We live in a digital age, that’s pretty obvious.  Technology drives how we connect and communicate with one another.  The Media Center is always looking for ways that this technology can be used by our communities to be more effective in connecting with one another and have a voice. Whether it’s telling their story through video, having an online presence or learning how to use the basic elements of computers and smart technology, we provide support to our region.  We do this through three basic elements that make up the Center.  Multimedia Services help businesses and organizations carry out their mission and vision .  Education is in place to teach on how to use media more effectively.  And our Tools provide a rural area access to state-of-the-art media facilities and equipment resources at affordable rates.


Grant Neuhold

Grant leads the team with expertise in video production and broadcasting.  He has been with the Media Center since opening in 2010.

Mike McBeath

Mike handles all web page design and development as well as computer repair and services.

Cassie Gamble

Finance & Marketing Manager
Cassie handles all the day to day operations to keep the organization running smoothly. She's also in charge of marketing all the exciting things going on at the Media Center.


Casey is our live event specialist. With a wide knowledge of audio and video he keeps productions running smoothly while finding ways to improve nearly every time we broadcast.


Seth has a great eye for what it takes to create professional video.  Using Cannon DSLR cameras, sliders and a glide cam he captures events, shoots commercials and produces a level of video quality found in large markets.


commons_constructionFollowing the 2007 tornado, Dr. Bert R. Biles and a colleague came to Greensburg to find out how Kansas State University could help. KSU has a legacy of distinguished work in Kansas communities through its mission as a Land Grant University, and Kiowa County was in need. One of the only meeting places for lunch was the Car Port Cafe, literally an open car port where two ladies set up lunch service. The other restaurants in Greensburg had blown away with 95% of the town. It was there that Dr. Biles met then County Commissioner, Gene West. Both were wearing purple K-State caps and were naturally drawn to each other.

The question was posed: “What can we [KSU] do to help?”

The answer followed: “We need better communication in the county.”

From there, the work began. After almost five years of dedicated guidance from one of K-State’s finest, Dr. Bert R. Biles, the Media Center was born. Today, it boasts a state-of-the art HDTV production trailer and a television studio, radio studio, and editing laboratory, located in the LEED Platinum Commons. With start up funds from the county, the Media Center has partnered with corporate sponsors to the tune of $700,000 worth of broadcast equipment. And now the work begins …