Creative Photography Workshop

August has been full of events! Not long after the technology conference had ended, we were already busy planning a photography workshop.

Creative Photography Workshop

Grant had the opportunity to meet with Dave McKane from The Institute of Photography. Dave set up the IOP in Dublin, Ireland in 2006, and has personally taught over 20,000 students. Grant and Dave came up with the idea to hold a photography course in our TV studio, while streaming it live online simultaneously.

People were very interested in the course. We ended up filling the studio space with photographers. Dave covered topics such as understanding resolution, processing raw files, landscape photography, and more. His goal was to give attendees an in-depth understanding of how the creative process works, and how to apply it to photography. Did I mention that the entire workshop was free?

Grant and Mike worked hard in the background to maintain the live stream. We had a few issues, but overall everything went well. Most of the technical problems were ironed out during setup the night before. Since everything we did was so cutting-edge, it was hard to find answers to many of the problems. However, the guys worked late and figured everything out.

The workshop was streamed live on Facebook and also archived to YouTube. If you’re interested in watching, just go to The stream is divided into two parts.

Upcoming Events

We will host another photography course on Tuesday the 22nd. Casey Roberts from Barclay College will lead a course on the fundamentals of photography. If you’re interested in registering, go to

Next month, we will have a Google Drive class at the Media Center. We looked over the feedback from the technology conference, and Google Drive was the most requested class topic. Check out our Facebook page for more information. If you have an idea or a class you would like to see, feel free to let us know. We are always open to suggestions!

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