Educational Opportunities

One sure way to get the most out of a visit is having students become our broadcast crew for a live production. Using our HDTV Production Trailer as an educational tool we train on techniques needed to produce live television. We believe the best way to learn something new is to get your hands on it. Our equipment is very comparable to a television network so students get a true experience of the industry, while having a little fun with their classmates.

When students visit they will spend some time with our instructors to learn about how broadcasts are put together and what makes up the industry behind television. On location students are shown the operations of the productions trailer, production equipment and discuss the communication that is needed during a live event to operate as a team. Each position of the crew is explained in detail. It is important to learn how the equipment operates and what part each position is responsible for in the broadcast as a part of the final result that viewers watch at home.

Contact Grant Neuhold if you want to know more about having a class visit the Center.