Video Club

Students in the Kiowa County area have an opportunity that many students their age will never get. Everything from learning industry standard programs by Adobe to producing in a real studio. Skills learned at video club prove to be valuable trade skills that students can add to resumes or use to become employed at a young age in the growing industry of digital media. Interested in joining the club? Contact Grant Neuhold to see what it’s all about.


“This year’s video club has broken new ground by creating the basketball introduction videos for both the girls and boys varsity teams.  We are able to do more advanced projects now that students have been working with the video equipment for a few years now.  I’m really excited to see what we can do in years to come as more and more student get exposed to video and broadcasting” – Video Club Instructor, Grant Neuhold

Last year 3 students created the mini documentary you see here.  Jonah and Camille Sowa of Coldwater and Josh Cannon of Greensburg formed the idea of using the power of video to shine a light on Veterans in our community and the stories they have to tell.  The ideas and concepts were all theirs, they did everything that is required to produce a project like this from start to finish.  It took several weeks, but they were diligent and dedicated to see it through.

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In Years Past

Mt. Dew Video Competition