Haviland Focus Friday

Haviland Focus Friday

On the first Friday of the month, students from Haviland Grade School/Junior High visited the Kiowa County Media Center. The kids produced their own talk show, which was streamed live to Facebook and YouTube. The set was divided into stations, and each student had the opportunity to run every station. They received hands-on experience with operating multiple cameras, creating graphics, and choosing which camera view to show on the stream. Students also did a short on-camera interview with Creative Director Grant Neuhold. The kids did a great job! We may have even had some future TV hosts or behind-the-scenes crew members in the room! You can watch both shows on our Facebook page, or by clicking on the links below.

Click here for grades 3-5 and K-2     |     Click here for grades 6-8

The broadcast included six cameras placed around the room.

All students were given the chance to talk on-air with Grant.

Haviland Junior High learns the basics of the livestream before going live.

Kids could choose which camera angle to show on the live broadcast.

The day was definitely a success!




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