Grant on the Go

Our Creative Director, Grant, did quite a bit of traveling last week! We are one of the few organizations that provide video production services in our area, so our work often takes us outside of Kiowa County.

Wheat Harvest

Wheat harvest is in full swing throughout the area, so Grant was able to capture a great deal of footage out in the fields. Willie Schmidt and Gary Jorgenson of Alliance Ag & Grain were kind enough to connect him with crews that were willing to be filmed.wheat-harvest-2016

Stafford County Trip

Stafford County Economic Development asked us to produce a story about Bike and Build. Bike and Build is a nonprofit organization that raises money and creates awareness for affordable housing. They hold multiple cross country biking trips every year, stopping to do service work and education along the way. This year, they stopped in St. John, Kansas, to help work on a couple of different projects on Main Street. While Grant was working on the Bike and Build project, he was able to continue training with Stafford County Economic Development’s intern, BreAnn, on camera work and production in the field.  (You can find BreAnn’s blog here.)stafford-ecodevo

After wrapping things up in St. John, Grant headed to Stafford. The Media Center is producing campaign content for Mary Jo Taylor as she runs for State Senate in the 33rd District.  Grant spent time in her Superintendent’s office as she spoke about why she is making a run for the position.mary-jo-taylor


Later in the week, leaders of the VOLT Program visited Greensburg to see if it would be a good fit to bring a leadership initiative training program to town.  They toured the Media Center and were very impressed by our capabilities and facility. We hope to see them again later in the year!

Rotary Club of Pratt, Kansas

Grant’s final major project of the week was to speak at the Pratt Rotary meeting. A group of 50 people listened to a presentation that highlighted our services and tools. They watched videos of junior high students working in the production trailer and saw samples of our work with the High Plains Journal in video production and live streaming.