New Year, New Goals

16 Days of Giving

During the final 16 days of 2016, the Kiowa County Media Center held an online fundraiser. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on revenue from several different sources. We can generate mission-based revenue, apply for grants, and receive appropriations and donations. Our 16 Days of Giving campaign was created to showcase who we are as an organization and to raise awareness about our nonprofit status. We are so grateful to those who contributed either monetarily or through kind words of support. In the end, we raised almost $2,500! Thank you to those who invested in our future. Our goal is to continue serving you to the best of our abilities. 

2017 Goals

Early in the week, Grant, Mike, and I met to discuss what we plan to accomplish during the new year.

  • Apple Certification: Mike began Apple training last year, and plans to complete the curriculum this year. Following the training, Mike will be an Apple Certified Technician.
  • Rental system: We have rented out equipment and facility space in the past, but we would like to set up a better system for reserving and paying for rentals. We will let you know when this system is up and running!
  • Large-scale classes: Stay tuned for information on educational workshops. We would like to implement some new training on technology that would be available to the public.
  • Continuing education: We are all¬†going to make more of an effort to devote specific time to individual continuing education. If we want to be a resource for the area, we need to stay up-to-date. Technology is constantly changing, and we want to bring you the latest information and be informed about new products and methods.

Send Feedback

We are so excited about 2017! If you have ideas or suggestions about how we can better serve the community, please feel free to contact us. Our offices are located in the Kiowa County Commons Building at 320 S. Main in Greensburg, or you can always shoot us an email at [email protected] Happy New Year!

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