Training, Tours, and Technology

Another busy week is in the books! A big part of our mission is to be a resource for technology and education in our area. We accomplished this goal on several different occasions over the past week.

Media Lab in Use

Two groups booked our media lab to use for training. Representatives from Wild West Country, a group that promotes tourism in Southwest Kansas, came to learn how to maintain their website. Mike gave instruction on WordPress and answered questions. The next day, Alliance Ag brought in representatives all the way from Iowa to train on their software needs.

Drone Photos for Emergency Management

Grant flew the drone for our local Emergency Management team to get photos of a few locations around town. Capturing a bird’s eye view of these sites will be helpful when creating emergency preparedness plans.


Minneola Healthcare Shoot

Later in the week, Grant traveled to Minneola to shoot video for the Minneola District Hospital. The finished project will showcase their brand new facilities, as well as feature a few new employees. We enjoy producing video content that creates exposure for community businesses and nonprofits.

Touring the Media Center

On Thursday, Greensburg hosted a group of electrical engineers. They are conducting a study on how the city has recovered following the destructive EF5 tornado of 2007. After touring several landmarks throughout town, they stopped by the Media Center. We got to show off our technology and amenities and talk about the services we provide to our community. The group will be back in December to utilize our studios and media lab.

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