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Video Production

The Media Center offers elite high quality video production on many levels to fit any budget. With top of the line video equipment for capturing and editing you will be sure to have a great video to use in a multitude of ways. Our productions are TV quality, with a handful of productions that have played on channels out of Wichita and Dodge City. We have won the TIAK (Travel Industry Association of Kansas) marketing award two years running with two different 30 second commercials for Greensburg Tourism. We take a lot of pride in providing you with a high quality production you are sure to be excited to share.

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Video Production (Greensburg Tourism)
Live Stream (Bramlage)

Live Event Production and Streaming

With the emergence of video content being delivered to the web, the demand for live streaming grows.  The Media Center specializes in the production of high quality programs streamed live online to a worldwide audience using the power of YouTube for delivery to multiple platforms and devices.  Capabilities range from the basic of coverage with a single camera all the way to ESPN quality multi camera broadcasts like you see on television.  Multicam recording with post production editing is also available.

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Web Creation and Design

When it comes to your website, the design is important to receive traffic and survive. First impressions are very influential for an organization and their website. If your website contains a poor design, viewers will perceive it as a bad reflection of the organization itself. We have the ability to offer tailored websites that involves your brand. We work with you to recognize your vision for the website and make it a reality.

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Converting Analog to Digital

Turn your analog memories to digital!  We have the ability to revive those memories that are trapped on tapes and slides.  Bring us one or your entire collection before they erode and it’s too late.