Add flair and dynamism to your event with onsite directed video. We seamlessly integrate multiple camera angles and multi-source input channels into live streamed events. Your professionally switched video will have smooth multi-camera transitions, multimedia integration (including slides, PowerPoint and video), and a variety of graphical effects and overlays including digital watermarks, titling, branding slates, lower-third graphics and sponsor messaging.


Sports is the most watched live content. Viewers want to know what is happening while it’s happening. Our equipment is designed to bring a viewer the same quality expected from live television, the difference is online content is much easier to access on multiple devices!


Being in Kansas it only makes sense that we would cover some highly competitive rodeo action. Live streaming gives more exposure to contestants, the rodeo organization and the event itself making when the gates swing open.


That special moment can be shared by more than just those attending the event in house. Make sure family and friends get to see their special person during that big moment.  A recording of the big day is a great way to share with those who want to watch it later.

Live Performances

Audiences are now easier to reach more than ever giving an advantage to performers looking to get their name out there in the constant stream of new content being consumed by viewers eager to find the next new big thing.  Musicians, magicians, and live performers of all kinds can benefit from having a high quality recording of their talent.


Motivational and inspirational speakers, professional athletes, writers and other special guests can make a big impact on a audience. Live video streaming expands that audience through video delivery online that is spread through social media platforms to reach an even larger more targeted audience.


With our technologies, we can produce live video that displays a speaker or panel while simultaneously displaying accompanying presentation materials or visual aids. We offer integration of power point, images or video to help support the presenter.


Live streaming your conference creates added value for presenters and capitalizes on people unable to attend. In addition you can also make them available as video on demand after the event.  Highlight reels are also available for promotional use in the future.

Political Debates

Educate the voters by giving them the opportunity to hear the candidates speak on issues that can have a large effect on our daily lives. It is now easier than ever to deliver that content to the public by streaming online to multiple devices and platforms.

Special Events

Have a special event that you would love to capture on camera as it is unfolding? This is a great way to show how your organization is being proactive in a mission or effort to help people better understand you or something you do.