Video ProductionThe Media Center can offer several different types of video production services to keep you visible in the digital world.

Digital technologies continue to advance making professional video much more accessible and affordable. The variety of uses for video are expanding rapidly and businesses and organizations have more opportunities to utilize video content that weren’t even thinkable not long ago.

It’s easy to see that digital content is quickly replacing printed content all around us. Video content that is online can go where formerly only simpler forms of digital content such as text, graphics and audio could go. What’s the last video you watched in your news feed? Today high definition video is available through computers and mobile devices everywhere making the demand that much higher by consumers.

Video Production Services

On-Line Marketing

The Media Center has a history of working with businesses and nonprofits to craft visually stunning and effective marketing videos for use on websites, social media outlets and online marketing platforms. We are used to handling all aspects of production including messaging, copywriting, shooting and editing services. Typical duration: 1-3 minute

Conference Highlights

Show reel of event with interviews from key positions to recognise the purpose of the event and how the sponsor affects the industry they serve in a 2-3 minute video.


Our professional Videographers capture those special moments and produce a custom-made, cinematic film for you and your loved ones to keep and share forever.  See more examples of our wedding video production packages by visiting our full wedding website at


Public Service Announcements online are a great way to let a digital audience hear and see your message. With easy publishing outlets like Social Media sites, Vimeo and YouTube, your message can spread and be shared quicker than ever before!


Commercials are still a crucial part of marketing for any organization. The viewing platforms may have changed with digital, but that only increased the demand for video commercials promoting a product, service or event for your business.

Sports Hype Videos

There is nothing to hype of a team better than having a video show them off!!  One way to introduce your sports team is a hype video.  These are really fun to make!

Real Estate

There is no better way to show off a property than with a quality video production.  Impress your potential buyer and your sellers by offering a professionally produced video to go along with the listing.  The final videos could include footage, graphics, titles, animations, and voice over.

Non Profit Exposure

Non-profits is where our hearts lie. Being a nonprofit ourselves we know the struggle of a budget for things outside of keeping the operations flowing. That’s why we provide up to a fifty percent discount on production services. We assist in creating the video message that best suits your cause and style. We can produce on location with mobile video equipment or come to us and utilize our studio with green screen capabilities. We can produce your project in multiple styles including the highly popular artistic DSLR look. Typical duration: 1-3 minutes

Telling Stories

The ability to tell stories through a medium like video has shaped and changed our society in ways we probably don’t even understand.  We have the ability to help tell those stories and get them accessible to a specific audience or the world using the power of YouTube, Social Media and Live Broadcasting.

Corporate Videos

Need to deliver your message on camera to reach that global audience? Our staff is highly capable of producing professional corporate videos by utilizing top of the line facilities and equipment.  Mobile production techniques are available for producing in our client’s offices to incorporate the company environment as well. To round out your project we add graphics, titles, logos and stock footage as needed. Typical duration: 3-10 minutes

Venue Promotion

Looking for a creative and fun way to show off your venue?  Why not use video to display all the amenities and attributes you offer at your venue while entertaining them at the same time!  We can draw in a viewer, making them want to experience it all for themselves in person.


The Media Center’s range of video production expands into journalism when we help organizations produce a documentary to showcase a movement or tell a story for their audiences. We provide the knowledge base and equipment it takes to captivate an audience. We shoot video on location while capturing high quality audio, write and record scripts for voice overs and edit it all to make your voice come to life. We offer teleprompter services, can stage multi-camera set-ups, and even conduct interviews for our clients. Typical duration: 10-30 minutes

Event Promotion and Highlights

What better way to promote your event then through video.  Showcase what fun and activities will take place with an eye catching promo video set to music with tasteful editing.  This video can be used through web and social media sources making for easy advertising.

Event Recording

The Media Center provides professional videography services with single or multi-camera set-ups. We can record audio independently or work through your in house sound-board.  Footage can be transferred directly to your digital hard drive immediately following your event or edited in post production and delivered in a final product format. Typical duration: 1-8 hours

Special Event

A graduation, anniversary, wedding rehearsal dinner, corporate function, or whatever your organization’s next special event is, they all could be captured like never before. Our staff can produce an entertaining and fun video presentation to commemorate your special event that you will love to share with everyone! Typical duration: 2-5 minutes


There is just something about pictures set to music that can really move you and evoke emotion.  Whether the occasion is exciting like a graduation or wedding or something more reflective like a memorial slideshow to honor a loved one we have made them all. 3-10 minutes.