Weekly Update 1-28-2017

2017 is off to a busy start! Grant has been occupied with live broadcasts, video production projects, and a couple of tour groups. Mike has been working on several IT maintenance and repair projects, as well as making time for his Apple training and device repair services. I have been plugging away at end of the year bookkeeping, in addition to media conversion and booking for the fall wedding season.

Barclay College Class Visit

In mid-January, we had a group of students over from Barclay College to learn about podcasting.  Grant shared some tips and showed the students our equipment and capabilities. The Media Center hopes to be a resource for this class as they complete coursework for their “Storytelling Through Podcasting” class.

Marketing Video Production

Last week, Jonah and Grant were in Pratt shooting a marketing video for a product called the “SockAid.”  The creator of the device is from Pratt. SockAid was designed to help people put on compression hose and even regular socks if they have flexibility issues.

SPIAA Student Assembly

On Wednesday, we were honored to attend the SPIAA League Student Assembly at United Wireless Arena in Dodge City. Grant, Casey, and Jonah recorded a three camera shoot of entrepreneur/speaker Alden Mills. Mr. Mills traveled all the way from Barcelona to speak to the students! Our footage will be used as a sample of his work while speaking to groups of students.

Jonah films speaker Alden Mills at the SPIAA Student Assembly.

2017 SPIAA League Basketball Tournament

Both Kiowa County basketball teams have been doing well in the tournament. The girls earned the top seed in their bracket, while the boys received the second seed. The Media Center has streamed all of their games so that people who can’t make the trip to Dodge can still watch online. Grant has been testing some new streaming software that could improve the quality of our away broadcasts. The software would add graphics for the clock and the score, and also allow us to play commercials during breaks.

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