Weekly Update 11.28.16

Several different projects were underway this week at the Media Center. We spent some time fundraising, producing video content, and working with students at Kiowa County. As you can see, no two weeks are ever the same for us!


The Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday is known nationally as #GivingTuesday. This year, the Kiowa County Media Center teamed up with the Twilight Theatre and 5.4.7 Arts Center in a joint fundraising effort. People were encouraged to stop by the Twilight Theatre lobby to drop off donations for any or all three organizations. Mike and Grant spent time telling others about programming, classes and services, and volunteer opportunities.

Photo credit: Twilight Theatre

Photo credit: Twilight Theatre

YEC Shoot in Goodland

On Wednesday, Grant traveled to Goodland, Kansas, to cover a Youth Entrepreneurship Competition. The video will be used to show other schools across the state what it takes to host a competition like this and to encourage more participation in the program.


Photo credit: Simone Marie (@justsimonee)

Welcome Video with the Mayor

Grant produced a short video with Greensburg Mayor Bob Dixson as a way to welcome the Volt group that is arriving in town on Sunday night. The group will be training here for the next several days.  We look forward to seeing them at the Media Center next week! Visit this link to watch the finished video.

Grant at the School

At the end of the week, Grant spent time at the school with the Junior High Video Production IMPACT Committee. They are planning a video project featuring the junior high basketball teams. Grant also taught the students how to use iMovie software. iMovie is a very good program to begin learning the basics of video editing and is also easily accessible at the school.

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